Your Input Determines Your Output

I’m an information junkie. Anyone who knows me personally will confirm.
I want to know all, read all & hoard all – everything in the categories of personal development, business development, productivity & organisation, writing & publishing & oh yes, mindfulness & meditation.

I’ve always been an information junkie & I’m okay with it by now. I know how to deal with my addiction effectively – selecting sources that really add value & striking a balance between consuming content & creating content.

At least, I thought I knew… until I did a review of my year 2017 & noticed my writings – articles and posts – have dwindled.
Yes, my writings in 2017 dropped in quantity & in quality.

I’ve written less – that’s undisputed – & I find that what I’ve written is quite dry & bland – lacking the enthusiasm, the lustre of me (although not everybody will agree on that).

And that bothers me.
Because I love to write.
Writing is my thing.
Writing is my way of sharing me to support others in their journey to their best business & their best life.
So it bothers me that my writings have dwindled.

I immediately had to know why.
Why has my writing dwindled?

Doing the reverse engineering – I’m a believer of the input-output model – your intake determines your outcome – I immediately noticed…

My intake for the year 2017 – meaning the books and information I took to heart in 2017 – has been mostly business books.
Yes, bestsellers on all aspects of business.
For some reason, my bookshelves have filled themselves in 2017 with the writings of even more bestselling business gurus than I have already collected over the past two decades.

Bestsellers in a particular style – efficient, short-sentenced & jam-packed with staccato listed action points.
Bestsellers in a style that I’ve always found to be very hum ho (although not everybody will agree on that either & that’s okay 😃 )
Bestsellers in a style that doesn’t come naturally to me… but that I’ve somehow taken to…

And it dawned on me… this is the reason my writing has dwindled.
I let myself & my writing be overly impressed by these bestsellers.
Subconsciously I’ve modelled myself & my writing to my intake of 2017 – a particular style of business & writing that’s very successful, but that’s so not me.
I modelled myself & my writing to something that’s not me & I struggled – I struggled in quantity & I struggled with quality.

The why of it – that doesn’t concern me right now.
What matters to me right now is to return to the input that determines my desired outcome – good quality writing that expresses my original self – truly & completely.

So I’m returning to the input that I know will give me the quality output in my writing on business & on life – I’m returning to literature.
2018 for me is the year of reading quality literature – poetry & prose – & I’ve started with Upstream from Mary Oliver.

And you?
What are you going to take in?
What’s going to be the quality input for your desired outcome in 2018?
Do share & inspire us – after all, we’re all on this journey together!

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