Simplify to Succeed

Elles Lohuis

You are a driven solopreneur or small business owner.

You & your business are ready for the next level because is going great – yes! – you’re getting fully booked … but

  • you see more opportunities – you need a strategy to make it work
  • you want to have more income – you need to tweak your business model to leverage to this next stage
  • you want to have more time & more freedom – you need to get the processes – internal & external –  work for you

Otherwise this is what will happen:

  • you feel you are on hamster wheel – stuck & not breaking the next income ceiling – because let’s face it there is ONLY fixed numbers of hours in the day
  • you end up resenting your business
  • you’re not having a life – or not the one you want

So it’s now or never – work with me & scale up your business to:

  • Your next level in business with more profit, more impact & true fulfillment on all levels
  • A successful business minus the pressure, minus the stress
  • An enjoyable business where you are in control


How do we do this?

Together in your private coaching track with an agenda solely focused on scaling up your business. And I mean ALL of your business so yes that includes you. We focus on your business goals & your personal goals, your professional & personal challenges & actions: essentially whatever is keeping you from leveling up your business, right here, right now.

I provide sessions in person or on Skype or Zoom. Private coaching by Skype or Zoom brings the ease of use, a minimization of distractions, better privacy, greater efficiency & a laser focus on you.


Want an example of a tailor-made coaching track? Here’s an example of a 6-week Intensive:

Kickstart Call – We discuss your business goals & desired outcomes, our mutual expectations & our mode of working together to maximize the results.

Two Deep Dive Sessions – the first session where we dive deep. We discuss the outcomes of the homework you received in advance & go through ALL the matters of business. We map your route (strategy) & your business model with the practical tools & efficient action (decide, delete, simplify & succeed!) that you need to level up.

Four Personalized Action Coaching Sessions 
We plan the sessions in advance & each session has a personalized action theme depending on where you are on your route. However, we are flexible to adapt to the situation. Furthermore, we discuss everything you face right here, right now; essentially whatever is keeping you going during the day & awake at night. I support you with my insights & practical tools so you can immediately implement the results of your session – there & then

Online Assignments – In the beginning of the track, you receive to-the-point & hands-on assignment from me. These assignments give clear insight where your business is & what you need to level up. You also receive personalized weekly reviews which I analyze & give you feedback on.

Personal Pokes – You receive messages from me at random moments by email & whatsapp. These are personal boosts to challenge you to spring into effective action. These messages are personally drafted, sent by me & focused on you scaling up your business right there, right then.

Unlimited Access By Email & Whatsapp – Ask me anything you want to know, right here, right now. Share your insights, your moments of doubts, your wins, connect to level up – anytime, anywhere.

Your investment: 6 weeks of intensive 1:1 coaching –  1.799 Euro

Your ROI :  reaching your next level of profit, productivity & growth through your most effective & hands-on business strategy – guaranteed, so yes, priceless!

Your tailor-made coaching track is the ultimate intelligent accelerator to scale up your business – faster & sustainable.  


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