Thrive Your Business & You Over The Holidays!

Here is it again: How to run a business as usual while planning quality time off to spend with family & friends over the Xmas Holiday?
It’s a dilemma a lot of us entrepreneurs, and especially solopreneurs face in this special Season.

Feeling the pressure of participating in the holiday cheer while having our business on our mind.
Feeling the pressure of running our business while having our family or time-off on our mind.

No matter what we’re doing, we feel like we should be doing something else.

And in the meantime, we’re enjoying neither one of them and succeeding in neither one of them.

Have you ever experienced this over the Xmas holidays?

I did. I always compromised and overextended myself during the Season of Joy.

This year I’m not going to.
This year I’m going to enjoy the holidays with my family & friends and thrive my business successfully at the same time.

How? Here’re my 6 top tips to thrive your business & you all during the Holidays:

1. Get crystal clear.

Decide what you want to achieve in your business financially during the holidays and how much you need to work to achieve that. Clarity brings meaning, motivation & clear boundaries.

Clear goals in your business give that vital focus you need while that joyous but oh so distracting Xmas buzz is going around.

2. Commit to the work.

Commit & focus on the work that needs to be done by cutting it to the core. Automate and delegate with the 80/20 rule in mind. Yes, 20 % of what you do creates 80% of the results. So calculate: what is the 20 % you need to focus on and what can you automate and delegate?

Then schedule your work around the most important holiday gatherings and be realistic. You’re very likely not to get up at your usual 6 am on the 2nd day of Xmas.

3. Commit to yourself.

Commit to yourself by blocking off your holiday time so you don’t schedule work out of habit. Yes, that happens, especially since most of us enjoy our work so much! Let your clients know your availability will be limited & they will respect you for that.

4. Commit to your peace of mind.

Commit to your peace of mind by communicating your boundaries clearly & timely; set up email & social media autoresponders now. This is the best way to let clients and prospects know your holiday policy & how soon they can expect a reply.

5. Commit to your friends & family.

This is the time to restore real connections so give your full attention and unplug digitally. Put up a message on your social media channels that you’re unplugging for the Xmas so no need to check your phone constantly – just leave it in your bag.

6. Follow through with ease & joy.

Decide that you will reach your goals easily & joyously. Stop trying to do & be it all for once. Get into the right state of mind by being mindful and calm your mind with one of my FREE meditations –  – 10 minutes at the start & the end of your day. Ten minutes is all it takes to power yourself up from your inner core & follow through – mindfully & successfully.

These 6 top tips will work for you – guaranteed – so go on,  thrive your business & you – make this Xmas your best Season ever!

Any top tips from your side on how to thrive during the holidays? Please do share – it’s the Season of Sharing & Caring!

Wishing you a great slide into a joyous Xmas Season!

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