Level Up In The Spirit Of Easter

The long Easter weekend offers an excellent opportunity –  to not only come together with friends & family and hunt for the chocolate eggs. It’s also a great chance to level up your life & business a little extra without actually working in your business per se.

Yes, you heard me right – no work but still leveling up.

How’s that possible?

By renewal!

Yes, Easter is the feast of renewal – expressed in those chocolate eggs and bunnies hopping around –  the feast of rebirth & rising up.  So besides reconnecting & relaxing with friends – which is great to boost your energy & creativity anyway – take the time to reinstall that one tiny thing that used to support you in your business and in your life, but that somehow slipped out of your routine.

Use your refreshed energy of the Easter weekend to reflect & implement – what’s that one tiny habit that you used to have, that you used to do, that brought you great benefit – often without really noticing it? And how can you bring this one tiny habit back into your life to renew & level up?

This one tiny thing can be anything! From a snack you used to carry to refuel – instead of the coffee you now turn to – to the walk you used to take on your lunch break – but somehow disappeared in the busyness of the day.

The one tiny thing that renews me is reducing my screen time before going to bed. I used to log off 60 minutes before bedtime, easing my body and mind into relaxing mode. Logging off on time results in deep sleep & awesome energy upon awakening next day – rested & ready to do the things that matter to me & my business – joyously & successfully.

Whatever you are going for in life & in business, one tiny habit reintroduced will support you to succeed. You know yourself – tiny tweaks add up to big results!

So go ahead & renew that one tiny habit this weekend – rise up & level up in the spirit of Easter!

And please do share your tiny habits to renew & level up in the comments – sharing is caring.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!

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