Halloween! Time To Invite Your Fears!

It’s Halloween!
Carved pumpkins are lit and tricks are treated for that one night of the year to mark the harvest being stored, the winter on its way and the return of the souls to their earthly home. With horror movies on tv and spooky commercials all around for a whole week beforehand, it’s hard to escape the thoughts of your own fears. Yes, your fears. Because let’s face it, we all have fears, no matter how confident we are, no matter how successful we are.
And funnily enough those fears – and doubts that usually accomplish the fears – mostly stem from ourselves. Fear of not doing a good-enough job, of not being able to ‘pull it off’, of not knowing how our next venture will work out… We’re telling ourselves we’re not ready, not ready to start our bizz, to launch our product, to start or finish e our book, to present our talk, to exhibit our art… Fear created by ourselves, fear to hold on to and fear to hold us back.
Recognize this? I sure do! I’ve experienced fear and self-doubt as long as I can remember. Fear and self-doubt have been there in all aspects of my life, all the time. And I’m proud to say I’m handling fear and doubt with success. I do overcome those fears of not being good enough, of not being able to ‘ pull it off’, time and time again. I am out here on my own terms, I am out here with success and joy.
How do I do it? I’ve found a way with fear that works for me – and for my clients – I’m inviting my fears to the table.
Here’s how I do it:
The very moment I feel my fears and doubts are getting the better of me, I sit at my table and note down all the fears I feel coming up. I spend a good few minutes listing all my fears, one by one and write down all the stories they are telling me. All the stories on what I am not ready for, of what I’m not good enough at, all the stories of what can and might happen if….
And I keep on writing, noting it all down without analyzing, without judging, without thinking really. I list everything I fear at that moment in all aspects of my life – professional, creative, personal, financial aspects, I name it all and note it down.
And when all is noted down, when it’s all on the table, I say thanks. Yes, I thank my fears. I don’t analyze my fears. I don’t look at what fears are realistic or what fears are not, I don’t go there. I don’t argue with my fears because I’ve learned by now that fear is not rational.
Fear is never, ever susceptible to common sense. Fear is a feeling that I created myself – somehow – to keep myself safe, to keep myself in my comfort zone. And that’s really kind, really comforting, isn’t it? Fear is just a feeling that wants to keep me safe from harm.
So I say thanks to my fear and thanks to myself for wanting to keep me safe. I say thanks to my fears with kindness and compassion – after all, they mean well. I say thanks to my fears and by doing that I am ready to move on. Because by acknowledging and thanking fears I am taking back the power I have given
In fact the very moment I sit down to acknowledge my fears I’ve already won. I’ve stopped hiding and started showing up. I’ve taken that first and vital step to getting out of my comfort zone and into expansion.
Sure, it’s not always easy and it’s definitely not comfortable to face our fears and doubts. And once faced and faded, somehow old fears tend to come back. Old fears rear their ugly head again and again, usually when we least expect it, right?!
But instead of spending all our precious energy fighting our fears, why not keep in mind the fears mean well? Why not just say thanks and move on, spending our precious energy on creating better things to come?
Try it for yourself. Take the time today – Halloween is perfect for it! Sit down with a cup of tea and a notebook and invite your fears at the table. Observe, acknowledge and give thanks – take back the power you’ve given your own fearful creations and move onwards & upwards.
Acknowledge, say thanks & move on – a sure way to face your fears & step into the things you are so ready for!
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🎃Wishing you fearful and fruitful Halloween! 🎃

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