5 Night Time Routines That Make Your Day

We all heard it, we all know it – the first morning hours are the most important hours to set ourselves up for our best. Yes, 98% of the most successful people in business, sports, the arts, you name it  – contribute a large part of their ongoing success to their early rising routine. (more…)

3 Best Tips To Beat The Daily Busy

Being busy. I used to love it! Loved, loved, loved it - looking back I can honestly say I was addicted to it, addicted to the high of being busy. Because being is so easy & so rewarding! Right?! You let yourself be guided by the madness of the day, react to whatever is coming & you never have to (more…)

5 Top Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Summer

So you’ve finally decided to do yourself & your business a favor – you’re taking time off & going to reap the rewards of a holiday : rejuvenation of mind & body, finding the vital inspiration & fresh new perspectives & restoring real connections with family (more…)

Level Up In The Spirit Of Easter

The long Easter weekend offers an excellent opportunity -  to not only come together with friends & family and hunt for the chocolate eggs. It’s also a great chance to level up your life & business a little extra without actually working in your business per se. Yes, you heard me right (more…)

2 Top Tips To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Ever felt like a fraud? That you’re not really good at what you do? That people are going to find out that you’re really incompetent? Welcome to the club of impostor syndrome! Yes, the impostor syndrome - the phenomenon where you feel that you are (more…)

Waiting For Motivation? Stop It & Realize This!

Over the last week, the topic of feeling motivated came up a lot with my fellow entrepreneurs and clients. Motivation to focus and step it up in business, motivation to make changes and follow through, motivation to let go of certain areas and outsource... (more…)