Beat The Monday Blues Before Breakfast

Did you know that on Monday…
people complain – on average – 12 minutes about the fact it’s Monday….
people laugh for the first time around 11.15 am…
people between the age of 45 and 54 suffer most from the Monday blues…
and yes, 50% of the people going to work experiences the Monday blues?

Fortunately, I’m not one of those people & you don’t have to be either! You can easily beat your Monday blues.

How? By starting your Monday mindfully! Yes, you know I’m a BIG FAN of mindfulness – MINDFULNESS SO WORKS! Here are my 3 top tips to beat the Monday blues before breakfast & make today your best day:

Make your bed.

Before anything else, take your time to make your bed upon rising. Yes, this tip from former navy seal Admiral William H. Mc Raven does the trick to get you into that productive state of mind. I never made my bed – thinking to leave my bed open would air it nicely but since I read this tip, I’m convinced. Consciously deciding to make my bed upon rising & completing this first task of the day gives me the motivation to do more & to accomplish more – & it will work for you too! Making your bed will put you in the mood to make it a great day.

Count your blessings.

It’s scientifically proven that being grateful is good for our mental & physical health. I’ve been practicing gratitude on a daily basis for years now & have personally experienced the great benefits. You can read all about it on my blog here. Start appreciating all that you are, have & do right now. Yes, even those ordinary things like that great shower you had this morning. So go ahead & name 3 things you’re grateful for – & savor them to keep that energized feeling of gratitude all day. Or listen to “Be Grateful” – my guided meditation for your convenience.

Slow down your breath.

Did you know that breathing 6 to 8 times per minute is optimum for your mental & physical health? Yes, most of us breathe way too fast, causing your body to think it’s in a permanent state of stress. Totally unnecessary.

Try to slow your breath down a few times per day, for instance in the shower, brushing your teeth or while sipping your morning coffee/tea. You’ll experience the immediate benefit of your body & mind calming down.

I personally have set 5 reminders during the day on my phone to do this – at 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm & 9 pm a soft gong on my phone reminds me to breathe & relax – making sure I’m reaping the benefits of my natural breath.

Yes, it’s all a conscious choice – the way you live your day is the way you live your life. So choose to start the day on your terms – apply these 3 top tips & jump into your day joyfully & productively. After all, life’s too short NOT to!
What tip before breakfast helps you to prepare for your best day? Please do share in the comments – we’re all on this journey together!

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