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My Aha Moment…Elles Lohuis

In the Summer of 2006 I went out to teach as a volunteer in a small Buddhist monastery for nuns in the Indian Himalayas. It was my turning point. I came back & changed my life.

Until then I’d considered myself pretty lucky. Being a high-achieving multi-tasker I’d  plastered my office wall with diplomas & certificates & worked ‘steady and respectable ’ positions in the corporate & academic world alongside my own successful businesses in coaching & training.

But all this ambition & overdrive had also caused me to collapse, suffering from severe depression in my late 20s —no focus on the things that mattered most – & serious life-threatening illnesses in my 30s — not shifting gears soon enough.

Life at the monastery that Summer – 3 months on a remote mountain top with no facilities but a bunch of incredible honest women – was confronting me & my busyness.

Returning home I decided to get my priorities straight. I stopped doing the unnecessary & cut to the core – to the core of my life & my business.

I started by decluttering my belongings & went on to do the same with my mind — said goodbye to a lot of sticky beliefs & invited new, wholesome thoughts in.

Prioritizing in my life brought prioritizing in my business.  I cut to the core of what I truly excel in, of what I truly stand for –I simplified & succeeded!

I never looked back & developed my Simplify To Succeed method as the foundation of my business & my life – joyously & successfully.

The results speak for themselves.  Now:

  •  Instead of paying heed to the ‘busy, busy, busy’ drama going around I am calm, focused, productive & creative
  •  I consciously choose & act upon the things that matter & bring in the money – continuously improving my revenue with quality over quantity
  •  Instead of doubting myself & wrestling a never ending match with perfectionism, I’m proactive, producing quality content in less time than ever
  •  Instead of delivering just-in-time chores for everybody, I collaborate with preferred clients, intentionally leveling up myself & my services all the time
  •  Instead of feeling pressured & responding half-heartedly in my business & my life, I genuinely proud of who I am, how I lead & what I achieve — every single day again
  • And most important of all, I always feel I’ve got time for another coffee & stimulating conversation – or book!

I direct my whole being to what matters to me most by way of a successful & meaningful business that works for me –  making more money, having more impact & feeling more fulfilled then ever!

And I want to support you doing this too!

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My Work

I’m a global Simplify to Succeed! business consultant & coach.  I help driven solopreneurs and small business owners to scale up their business to the next level – reaching more profit, more impact & true fulfillment in all areas.

An experienced & certified consultant & coach, I blend more than 2 decades of hands-on business experience in entrepreneurial & managerial positions with the latest in business development techniques & professional skills to produce the desired & durable results.

In particular, I excel at designing & implementing effective core business strategies with entrepreneurs who need tightly focused clarity to move their business from start-up to growth phase or from overwhelming success to owning success.

I have created & conducted entrepreneurial courses at one of the Netherlands biggest universities in Applied Science & have a 80% track record of all new start-ups being profitable within the first year. I have worked in many other global businesses to improve their business systems as well as enabling them to capitalize on their market. I can work with you to help you to do the same.

These are some of the tangible benefits I can bring to you & your business:
     * Decide & Delete– I support you in making conscious choices about what is essential and what is an accessory, to maximize your core business, lucratively, to make money. We do this by developing a sensible business model & hands-on core strategy that aligns with your mission to scale up your business.

    *  Simplify – I support you to execute your zone of genius & let others do what they do best, by effectively automating your business systems & efficiently outsourcing all that is vital to your business profits but not within your key talent. This is a surefire way to always work within your zone of genius & thereby maximizing your impact – reaching your next level in business.

    * Succeed – I help you to take the right position to focus & act upon on the opportunities successfully by establishing a personal daily routine that works for you. Maintaining your peak-entrepreneurial mindset at all times is essential to get true fulfillment on all levels in your business.

Want to know how I help you scale up your business?

Book your complimentary Simplify To Succeed session with me for incredible ROI right now.


It’s what you deserve & it’s what I do best!

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Professional Bio

Elles Lohuis Ph.D. is a Global Business  Consultant & Coach, Speaker & Author. With over two decades of hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, international business training, coaching, and education, Elles established her own educational center on the West coast of Ireland, did management training and consulting for multinationals, such as Edding International GmbH and Zwanenberg Food Group, coached beginning entrepreneurs for the municipalities of Overijssel and was a senior lecturer at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle.

Elles Bio1ly has her own business consulting practice, supporting solopreneurs & small business owners to scale up their business.

She is also still affiliated as senior researcher & international workshop facilitator at ICT Innovations in Health Care, a research school at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle.

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