5 Great Ways To Stay True To Yourself

It’s one of the vital keys to our personal & professional growth: staying true to ourselves. It’s also one of the hardest things to do as we evolve & our business takes off & grows.

Did you ever notice that once your business – or part of it – program, service, product, book, you name it – takes off the way you envisioned, all sorts of peeps suddenly come crawling out of the woodwork to offer their very well meant advice you’re sure to follow. Clients enthusiastically start to demand unexpected extras & add-ons you never even considered but now feel you have to deliver. Nasty, unforeseen skeletons come trampling out of closets you no longer even considered to be yours…. leaving you feeling pressured, overwhelmed & confused by the swelling noise from outside & most of all, swaying you off track.

Recognize this? I sure do!

Having been in business myself for more than two decades now & having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to get their greatest work into the world I’ve experienced that it requires a strong commitment to stay true to ourselves & our business as we both level up. A commitment we need to reinforce consciously – every single day again.

Here are my 5 top tips that support you to stay true to yourself, realizing your life & business the way you’re envisioning it:

1. Focus on your values and your vision – in your business & in your life – every single day. Create visual reminders around your values & vision – think screen saver, vision board, wall paper – to imprint them in your mind, making them part of you & your way of being. Make your values & vision into a mantra, repeating them in those moments where you need support. Let your values & your vision act as guiding lights for any decision you make & any action you take.

2. Stop comparing. You are you & you are one of a kind. It’s a waste of your precious time to compare your business &/or your life to any other’s. Comparisonitis is the mass-murderer of dreams, the number 1 reason we don’t follow through on our creative sparks. Yes, we all suffer from comparisonitis now & again – start-ups & seasoned entrepreneurs alike. The trick here is to become aware of it & to drop it. Right there & then.

3. Share your vision & your dreams. No (wo)man is an island – we need each other in the realization of our vision & dreams. Work actively on your dreams by connecting with like minded people for mutual support. Find a trusted mentor to take advice & feedback from. Hire a professional coach to support you in following through & leveling up even faster – your way. Get involved in a mastermind or team up with a success partner/buddy for accountability. Surround yourself with positive & supportive people. Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!

4. Take good care of yourself – your whole self. It takes a healthy body & flexible mind to succeed in anything you want to accomplish. Take action & develop healthy habits. Clean up your diet & nourish your body with vital greens & enough protein to stay strong & healthy. Move your body every single day to keep your energy up & flowing. Get quiet & declutter that active mind of yours (aka practice mindfulness or meditation) to get in touch with your core desires & make space for new, creative sparks that move you into your right direction. Make yourself your number one priority – remember: you are your core-business.

5. Keep inspired. Dedicate time & space to replenish your creative well regularly. Every single day do something that gives you joy. It can be something playful, something light. Read, write, bake a cake, play or listen to music, relish or create a piece of art, connect with nature or take yourself on an artist date. Whatever it is, do something that leaves you with renewed lust for life & joyous zest to create – every single day – no matter how small.

These five tips keep us on course while gracefully dealing with all the demanding shoulds & have to’s that inevitably come as we grow personally & professionally. So if you’re serious about leveling up yourself & your business, surround yourself with visual reminders of your dreams, get connected with like minded peeps while celebrating your uniqueness & schedule your self-care & creative top-up. If not, you’ll run the risk of looking back one day, wondering ‘What was that all about? A life – but whose life? A business – but whose business?

What top tip helps you stay true to yourself? Please do share in the comments – we’re all on this journey together!

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