5 Fast Hacks To Ditch Your Digital Distractions Right Now!

Want to deal effectively with your digital distractions?

 Everywhere we turn we’re constantly overloaded with digital distractions – messages & alerts on our phones, tablets, computers – making it harder to focus on the people & the things that really matter to us in our business & in our lives.

Sure, clever use of technology can improve our focus & efficiency, but let’s be honest, how many times today were you able to curb your weakness of giving into the digital distractions? Exactly. All the information overload diminishes our ability to maintain focus, to be productive, pro-active & creative… it lures us into procrastination & keeping ourselves ‘busy’ with superficial interactions.

So take back control & use your technology in a more mindful & efficient way. Here are 5 tips that will help you to ditch your digital distractions fast & easy: 

1. Turn off notifications for the apps on your phone

It’s an obvious one! Look at the apps on your phone & ask yourself: ‘Is it worth my precious time & attention to allow this app to blatantly disturb me?’ As with most apps, the answer is NO, so delete the notifications and go one step further: enter the ‘do not disturb’ mode & leave the sound volume on only for urgent calls from important contacts on your list.

2. Delete the apps that you either don’t use or use way too much

Yes, delete. Which ones? A little help here: begin the day by moving all of your apps into a folder on your smartphone’s second screen. Then, as you use an app, move it onto your home screen. At the end of the day you’ll know 1. which apps you don’t use – so delete! 2. which apps you used most & are most important to you – commit & delete!

3. Unfollow accounts on your social media

Social media can be a time-drainer & energy-sucker, especially if your newsfeed is cluttered with people/things you were once interested in but not anymore. Go to your most used social media & unfollow now so you will actually see the updates from the friends, family & people that really matter to you. And yes, be ruthless!

4. Unsubscribe from all e-mail subscription

Go to Unroll.me – free service! – & fill in your email address. Unroll.me automatically finds all the emails you’ve subscribed to. Now push the delete button on all e-mail subscriptions but 5 subscriptions. Yes, you’re allowed to keep 5 – a manageable number. Remember, you can always subscribe again if you notice you honestly can’t do without aka find that the info really adds value to your precious life.

5. Buy an actual alarm clock

You didn’t expect this one, did you?!  Buy an alarm clock so you’ll have no more excuses to keep your phone beside your bed. Wind down by shutting off your screens half an hour before you go to bed. Remove those digital distractions physically & sniff some refreshing evening air instead. This will block the release of neurotransmitters that energize your brain & promote the production of melatonin, allowing you to get your vital rest.

These 5 superfast hacks that will improve your focus, supporting you to dedicate your precious time & energy to the things that really matter in your business & in your life.

And please, do share your favorite hack, tip or trick dealing with digital distractions in the comments – sharing is caring!


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