3 Ways To Lift Your Mood In 2 Minutes

We all have them – these days that wake up & just feel moody & mentally drained.

Instead of dragging yourself out of bed & hitting up the coffee pot – which might help too, if only for a minute – here are 3 mini meditations –  or mindful moments as I call them –  that lift your mood in 2 minutes to a calm, creative & productive state, making you flow through your day with ease & joy:


Empty The Trash

Waking up with a full day ahead of you? Feeling you’re already obsessing over what is to come, worrying, stressing… while you know this is exactly the sort of mood that is NOT going to be helpful or productive?

Get out of that vicious cycle of rumination by redirecting your thoughts to a new day full of fresh opportunities BEFORE you get out of bed. How?

1. Stay in your bed, facing the ceiling. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in – full belly – & let all the air out of your body with an audible sigh.

2. Now direct your thoughts to what you’re obsessing over &  picture a huge computer screen right there in your mind. See those worrying thoughts of you filling the whole screen.

3. Got it? Now you see your hand on the mouse or track pad of the screen & consciously direct the arrow to those worrying thoughts in your imagination & click on them. Capture them with your arrow.

4. Imagine dragging those thoughts to the Trash folder on your screen. Literally, see those thoughts getting sucked into the digital trash bin.

5. Now hit Empty Trash with your arrow. Give it a big click & see a clean, blank page appearing on your screen & breathe out.

6. Keep enjoying the clean blank slate for a few moments & relish in this fresh new beginning.

7. If your thoughts pop-up again, simply point your arrow, drag to Trash & repeat Delete.

8. Open your eyes & leap out of bed – you’re ready – carpe diem!


Got a few more minutes? Listen to A Meditation On Letting Go to clear your mind, release the need for control & make space for the brand new.


Get Grateful

It’s the instant fix for a bad mood: Gratitude. It’s impossible to feel grumpy & grateful at the same time so if you’re waking up feeling in a bad mood, practice gratitude for 2 minutes to boost your mood to new heights. How?

1. Stay in your bed, facing the ceiling. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in – full belly – & let all the air out of your body with an audible sigh

2. Now put your mind to 3 people or things you are grateful for – three things that immediately come to mind when you genuinely feel grateful. Don’t rationalize – it can be anything, big & small. Someone special in your life, your health, your first cup of coffee in the morning, that fantastic book you’re reading at the moment… anything that gives you that warm & grateful glow.

3. Let these 3 things or people sink from your head to your heart. Let these 3 things fill you up with that warm & fuzzy feeling.

4. Feel it fully, that warm & grateful glow? Now take a deep breath in & out.

5. Open your eyes & leap out of bed with renewed zest for life – carpe diem!


Got a few more minutes? Listen to Whispers Of A Grateful Heart, the perfect Mindful Moment to start your day with appreciation – all day long.


On The Mindful Commute

Is the never ending purgatory of commuting getting you down- every single day? Dissolve the frustration of traffic hell that leaves you stressed & drained with this easy A, B, C of the mindful commute:

A = Attention.As soon as you hit the road, focus on your situation & observe with complete awareness, as detailed as you can. For example:  I am sitting on a sticky seat; I’m looking out of a dirty window; I’m seeing all these cars ahead of me; I’m seeing all these people squished on the bus/train with me; I’m feeling frustrated; I not moving; I am feeling miserable.

B = Body scan.Ground yourself in the here & now by scanning your entire body. Start with your feet. Feel your feet on the floor or the pedals. Feel your sit bones in your seat, your hands on your lap or on the wheel. Feel your eyes resting on the road, on your fellow commuters or whatever your eyes are resting on.

C = Connect with your breath. Slowly breathe in through your nose & out through your mouth.  Breath 3 times – in & out. Feel the air flowing – from nose to mouth. Then, place your attention on your rib cage. Inhale slowly to a count of 4 & feel your rib cage swelling. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Then slowly exhale to a count of 4, feeling your rib cage deflate. Count to 4 & repeat this process 3 times or until you feel yourself relax.

Feeling a bit more relaxed after your ABCs – then say to yourself “This Too Shall Pass”,  silently & intentionally. Yes, this too shall pass, your stress & your commute.

Got a few more minutes? Practice Tense & Let Go a physical mindful moment that relaxes your body & calms your mind without moving from your seat!


Don’t let your day be dictated by your moody monkey mind. Use these 3 mindful ways to lift your mood; take charge & make it a meaningful day – your way. After all, life’s too short NOT to!

What way helps you to lift your mood? Please do share in the comments – we’re all on this journey together!


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