3 Great Ways To Start Again

It’s a great week. We just celebrated the beginning of Summer with Summer sSolstice today’s a new moon day & next week it’s the 1st of July – the middle 2017. Time flies!

New beginnings of seasons, half-way marks through the years – all excellent times to take stock & notch it up. Or take stock & start again.

Okay, I agree, we don’t have to wait for these marks to notch it up or start again – every day is a great day to start again. Every day is a great day to learn, grow, develop & move forwards & upwards. Every day is a great day to change what’s not working in your life & in your bizz.

But somehow, psychologically, these marks in time reinforce our re-commitments.

Somehow these marks in time help us to switch gears & do things different, with different outcomes.

And somehow these marks in time always match the requests from my clients in that time to help them readjust their course, reaffirm their commitments & rebuild their habits.

This week again – in all of the conversations with my clients the topic of getting back on track, doing the things that matter to support their vision in life & in bizz were key. Not a coincidence, I would say J

So to support you directing yourself to what truly matters to you – whether it’s in business, health, or any other aspect of your life – I’ve compiled my best advice to start again – success guaranteed:


1.  A reboot of your resolutions in 3 steps – simple & powerful – anytime, anywhere.


2.  5 Action Steps to Rebuild Your Habits – whatever habit you want to rebuild – 5 easy steps – no more excuses!


3.  Reboot Your Resolutions To Succeed – go all the way with the most powerful reboot ever – my 5 audio trainings to commit to you & your success – guaranteed to get you there & yes, totally FREE.


It’s a great day to start again – no more excuses. Get back on track with my best advice & level up – personally & professionally.

And notch it up this Summer by joining me in my Summer Sizzle Intensive – 6 weeks private coaching to take yourself & your business to the next level – now with 300 Euro early bird discount (only 1499 Euro) – 5 places left!

So if you’re dead serious about getting more profit, having more impact & definitely more meaning in your business & your life, THIS IS THE TIME to commit to yourself. Email me – elles@thecontemplationcafe.com – &let’s talk getting your business & life to Sizzle this Summer!



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