Elles Lohuis Ph.D

Do you want your business to make an impact
& your life to make a difference?

I’m Elles Lohuis

I’ll show you how to cut to the core of your business & lead from there

– successfully & mindfully –

And yes, I am pretty relaxed because I know how to slow down to speed up & thrive in business & in life.

Let me show you.

  • float into vacation 5 Top Tips To Float Into Your Vacation As entrepreneurs we’re always on the go – creating, connecting, serving – & we love it! And then suddenly the vacation hits.   Yes, we’ve been planning it, looking forward to it… but now that it’s here we’re somehow not really into it yet… Restlessness in the body, a mind running overtime & reminding ourselves Continue Reading
  • Make lemonade What Lemonade Are You Serving Today? “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade.” A great quote that encourages us to look on the bright side of life & bizz when we’re faced with adversity  – looking on the bright side of life & bizz with positive thinking & a can-do action attitude. Now I’m all for facing difficulties & setbacks with Continue Reading

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