I’m Elles Lohuis, Global Business Consultant & Coach

I help YOU to scale up your business to the next level – more profit, impact & true fulfillment on ALL levels!


My philosophy

Have nothing in your business that you not know to be profitable, or believe to be meaningful. (adapted from W. Morris)

My strategy

Simplify Your Business To Succeed

  • Decide – make conscious choices about where you want your business to be, what is essential & what is an accessory – to have the business you want
  • Delete – remove what’s not serving you or your business anymore – to make more profit
  • Simplify – streamline your processes (automate & delegate) – to have more freedom & more time
  • Succeed – execute in your zone of genius with focus & flow – to have more impact, reaching your next level in business – with true fulfillment on all levels


And then?

Your next level will be your new normal, fitting you &  your business like a glove.

How to make this work for your business:

You & me together – designing & executing hands-on business model &  strategy to scale up your business & – of course! – a personal daily routine to make you excel.

I support you in whatever it takes. You level up your business – faster & bolder
So come on over & see how we can do this for you.


Serious about scaling up your business?

Then book your strategy session with me right now.


Because there’s nothing more POWERFUL than a 1:1 conversation to get you moving upwards to Peak Productivity, Profit & Growth.

It’s what you deserve & it’s what I do best!

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